Our philosophy is "humanizing science."

In keeping with the mission of the university, our aim is to train nurses to have integrity and to occupy leadership roles in the fields of education and research, thus meeting the needs of people, families, and communities thanks to their solid scientific and humanistic skills. With these abilities, nurses go on to promote and maintain people's health or help them to recover their health; provide palliative care and dignity for the dying; promote versatility and adaptability in their daily work; and approach their profession with teamwork and a multidisciplinary mindset so as to best adjust to a changing society and its cultural diversity.

Aims of the Nursing School

The aims the Fundación Jiménez Díaz Nursing School are:

  • To train future professionals, enabling them to carry out the career-specific tasks stipulated by law and fostering a capacity to adapt to the societal, economic, and health-related needs of the community.
  • To promote nursing sciences as a discipline, doing so through study and research both on an individual level and through joint efforts undertaken with other professionals.
  • To offer an updated curriculum for professionals, featuring specialization courses, conferences, and scientific meetings.
  • To collaborate with health professionals wherever the nursing profession may make a contribution positive contribution and/or promote the role of nurses as professionals.


To be on the cutting edge of academics both within Spain and internationally and earn the recognition of society for the leadership role played by the EUE-FJD and its commitment to training the nursing professionals of tomorrow, enabling these future nurses to transform the profession, the way services are rendered, and make their mark on public health policy.