Fundación jiménez Díaz School of Nursing welcomes you.

This institution, founded by Dr. Carlos Jiménez Díaz, has a long history in the training of professionals under the three pillars of its founding ideology: care, teaching and research.

In line with the renovations promoted by the European Higher Education Space, the School promotes active learning, interaction between professionals and students and the acquisition of competences and skills oriented to professional development.

It is based, for this reason, on the educational methodology of Jacques Delors´ "Pillars of Education": learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. The Schools maintains the belief that learning is facilitated through a syllabus that moves from the conceptually simple to complex, and in which theoretical and practical training play an important role in the student curriculum.

The School´s most important feature includes its proximity to the care facilities (hospital and outpatient clinics), along with a staff of highly qualified teachers with extensive professional healthcare skills and experience in teaching and research.