Last updated: November 2015

The fees for a given academic year consist of matriculation fees and monthly tuition payments.

Matriculation fee:

This fee is the published fee established for studies leading to official degrees and services of an academic nature within public universities. These fees are set each year by the Madrid regional Board of Education.

Twenty-five percent of this fee is paid to the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and is due upon matriculation; the remaining 75% is payable to the University School of Nursing of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz and is due in the month of December and is to be paid by automatic bank payment.

Students who are members of large families will be afforded the exemptions and discounts stipulated in Law 40/2003 on the protection of large families. These exemptions and discounts will be applied to the tuition fees.

Students receiving scholarships payable by funds allotted under the State General Budget shall not be obligated to pay the public matriculation fee.

Monthly fees:

Payable to the school (one-time payment): 325 euros, to be paid upon matriculation.

All students enrolling in the Nursing School of the FJD for the first time must pay this amount; this is a one-time charge payable upon enrollment, and the funds collected are used to cover matriculation and educational equipment and material.

This amount is refundable only if the student withdraws before December 1.

Remaining monthly payments: nine monthly installments of 340 euros each, payable from September up to and including May.

The September monthly payment shall be made via direct transfer to the bank account of the school upon matriculation. 50% of this payment is refundable if the student formally withdraws before September 5.

The remaining payments shall be made by automatic bank withdrawal.