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  • Gonzalo Aldámiz-Echevarría Castillo
  • Antonio Del Río Prego

Research staff

  • César Aparicio Martínez
  • Ana Begoña Arribas Díaz
  • Alejandro González García
  • Angeles Heredero Jung
  • Pilar Calderón Romero
  • Rafael Hernández Estefanía
  • Ciro Baeza Bermejillo

Trainee staff

  • Mónica Torres Fonseca

Staff Research Associates

  • Gloria Álvarez Llamas
  • Alberto Ortiz Arduan
  • Jose Tuñon

Main lines of research

Markers of CV Risk project

Study of a cohort of patients with coronary intervention (scheduled or urgent) for high risk of ACS (n = 50) compared with healthy controls (n = 50).

-Distinguishing between patients with and without renal disease

-Distinguishing between patients with and without prior event (myocardial infarction, angina).

* Principal Investigator: Ángeles Heredero Jung

Project: New therapeutic and prognostic targets for cardiovascular involvement in diabetes mellitus type II

Study of the effect of the presence of type II diabetes on the human myocardium, using proteomic, metabolomic, and molecular biology techniques. This study will attempt to characterize the proteome present in the myocardium of patients with diabetes and associated metabolic changes by comparing coronary sinus plasma with peripheral venous plasma extracts.

* Principal Investigator: Gonzalo Aldámiz-Echevarría

Bicuspid aortic valve disease and aortic dilatation project

Study aimed at predicting which BAV patients will experience aortic dilatation.

* Principal Investigator: Lucie Henault

Project: mediators of vascular and valvular calcification

Identification of mediators of vascular and valvular calcification with a view to designing new therapeutic strategies for calcific aortic stenosis.