The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the IIS—FJD, UAM.


Highest governing body. All the organizations that form part of the IIS—FJD, UAM are represented.


  • Oversee the fulfillment of the objectives laid out in the Agreement.
  • Approve the annual plans for research stimulus and support as detailed in the budget.
  • Approve the annual budget as well as the previous year's activity report.
  • Approve the Institute's internal regulations.
  • Administer the goods and rights that constitute the resources of the IIS—FJD, UAM.
  • Establish the research policies and strategy lines to be undertaken by the Institute.
  • Approve the criteria concerning the creation of research areas and researcher groups.
  • Approve the agreements and contracts to render services to public or private entities as well as collaboration agreements.

- Chairman of the IDCsalud Board of Directors: Víctor Madera Núñez

- Vice Presidents: José María Sanz – Chancellor of the UAM or another person delegated by him

Julio Rodríguez Villanueva – President of the FJD Board of Governors

- Members:

A representative of the FJD Board of Governors: Joan Francisco Corona Ramón

A representative of IDCsalud: Elena Arias Menéndez

A representative of the UAM: Jerónimo Farré Muncharaz Governing Council