LOgo itemasIntroduction

The Unit for Health Technology Innovation was created in 2013 to be an interdisciplinary service supporting innovation management in the Institute. The unit is headed by the Scientific Director (Dr. Carmen Ayuso) and Dr. Alberto Ortiz.

The unit has an interdisciplinary team of innovative researchers from both basic and clinical realms. Together with the project-management staff and technology- and service-oriented staff, these individuals seek to identify innovations in health technology within our institute and pursue collaboration agreements with academic, health-care, and industry partners.

The Innovation Unit is currently a member of the Medical Technology Innovation Platform (ITEMAS), promoted by the Carlos III Health Institute.


-Coordinator of research management V. García

- Clinical and basic researchers who advise and support coordination efforts: Dr. J. Esteban, Dr. P. Llamas, Dr. A. Celdrán, Dr. Cenjor, Dr. Jiménez Alfaro, Dr. A. J. Pérez-Caballer, Dr. S. Jiménez de los Galanes, Dr. I. Fernández Navamuel, Dra. C. Gómez Guerrero, Dr. P. Esbrit, Dr. L. Blanco Colio

- Technology Platforms: Dr. G. Álvarez Llamas, Dr. A. Franco, R. Fernández, M. González García-Parreño

- Project Management: B. Garcia

- Management of technology transfer: I. Ruano

Role and objectives:

The unit's objectives are as follows:

  • Foster a culture of innovation in our surroundings and in the health-care industry.
  • Identify IIS-FJD researchers' ideas and inventions that may be turned into products and services so that these may be transferred to the market and benefit society and health as a whole.
  • Support innovative projects in the health sciences.
  • Facilitate the transfer of research results to the greater public, earning a return on these initiatives and improving quality care for patients. This entails supporting the innovative projects carried out, managing intellectual and industrial property, and transferring technology.
  • Seek domestic and international collaboration agreements for R&D projects with stakeholders in the fields of science and technology, universities, and enterprise.

In pursuit of these goals, the unit fulfills the following duties:

  • Detection of ideas: Gathering of ideas and inventions of staff so that they may be transferred to the market.
  • Appraisal and protection: Determine the potential held by inventions and ideas, assessing the possible benefits of protecting them. Also, define the optimal ownership strategy and conduct a market assessment for each.
  • Project management: When indicated by the market assessment, the project-maturity phase is begun. To do this, a development plan is set out, including a business plan, an operations plan, and a financial plan.
  • Transfer of technology: Once the development and protection plans have been laid out, the technology, product, or knowledge is transferred to the market by means of a spin-off or an existing company.
  • Promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship: Information and training for health professionals on aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship through various initiatives. Periodic content uploaded to the web and Internet and the ASEBIO (Spanish Bioindustry Association) seminars.

The innovation unit has a results-transfer procedure that details the scope of application, ownership of intellectual-property rights, structure, and procedure for the transfer of results. In addition, the unit performs follow-up and communication of research results.