The strategic objectives of the Unit are:

1. Facilitate the transfer of research results to society and health in general, obtaining continuous improvement in the patient's quality of care as well as contributing to the productive sector.

2. Promote the innovative culture in the environment and health sector of the IIS-FJD

3. Promote the internationalization of R + D + i projects

  • Provide staff training on innovation.
  • Identify innovative ideas that can become products or services.
  • Support the development of innovation projects (support service for generated projects, management of intellectual-industrial property, technology transfer)
  • Give support in the protection of intellectual and industrial rights of innovations
  • Promote collaborative agreements on R + D + i projects, with agents from the scientific-technological environment, universities, companies, etc., both at national and international level.

In pursuit of these goals, the Unit develops the following functions:

  • Detection of ideas
  • Valorization and protection of Ideas
  • Project management (support in the implementation and development of ideas)
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management
  • Technology transfer