The Board of Directors acts as the executive body of the IIS—FJD, UAM.


Vested with the authority to enforce the policies and agreements passed down by the Governing Council


  • Carry out the policies and agreements passed down by the Governing Council: set in motion research initiatives as well as projects and training programs.
  • Assign material resources and budget according to the priorities and guidelines of the Governing Council.
  • Prepare and draft the annual operational plans and annual reports of the IIS—FJD, UAM.
  • Manage the economic and administrative activities of the IIS—FJD, UAM.
  • Draft budgets, financial statements, and other required reports to be presented to and approved by the Governing Council.
  • Oversee the proper performance and operations within the IIS—FJD, UAM.
  • Any other activities as delegated by the Governing Council.



Managing Director of the FJD: Juan Antonio Álvaro de la Parra

Vice President:

Scientific Director of the IIS—FJD, UAM: Carmen Ayuso García


Manager of the IIS—FJD, UAM: Ana Posada Pérez


A representative of the UAM: Alberto Ortiz Arduan

FJD Medical Director: Javier Guerra Aguirre

President of the IRB: F. Javier Bécares Martinez

Director of the Clinical Trials Unit (Carmen Ayuso García): Currently unoccupied

Assistant Director of Teaching: Jerónimo Farré Muncharaz

Secretary of the Research Committee: Victoria del Pozo Abejón

Manager of the Biobank: Federico Rojo Todo