The Fundación Jiménez Díaz Imaging Unit collaborates with the IIS-FJD by facilitating access to researchers working on various projects.

Role and objectives

The main objective of radiology support services is to meet the hospital's demand for radiologic studies with the greatest efficiency, highest level of quality, and lowest risk for patients possible. The care-oriented mission of the radiology department is to support diagnostic and therapy activity by providing clinicians with the radiologic images they require.

The department’s role consists of:

  • Diagnosis and staging
  • Monitoring of disease progression
  • Providing images of lesions
  • Demonstrating absence of pathology
  • Taking tissue samples
  • Treatment (when indicated)
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Quality assurance
  • The department also has other roles deriving from its status as a core service

As such, the department must provide the hospital and the IIS-FJD research groups with efficient service at the same time that it maintains its capacity to assess the care provided by the clinical services (quality assurance). Likewise, this core service will be evaluated by the rest of the hospital community, the members of which have the right to demand appropriate functioning.


Department head: Jaime Fernández Cuadrado/ Fernando Ibañez Carrillo.


The department is made up of a department head, a head of service, an assistant head of service, and 21 staff radiologists, five of whom are section coordinators.

Interventional and vascular radiology

  • José Urbano (coordinator)
  • Manolo Cabrera
  • Alberto Alonso

Interventional neuroradiology

  • Antonio Pérez Higuera (head of service)
  • Pedro Saura
  • Mario González Aldamiz


  • Julia Montoya Bordón (coordinator)
  • Ana Alonso Torres
  • Cristina Ordoñez

Bone and joint radiology

  • Elena FontoiraMoyer (coordinator)
  • Begoña Gutierrez Sanjosé

Breast and pelvic radiology

  • Carmen Estrada Blan (coordinator)
  • Olivia Benitez Dupin
  • Teresa Presa
  • Gema Medrano

Chest radiology

  • Benjamín Pérez Villacastín (coordinator)
  • Teresa Presa Abos

Abdominal radiology

  • Antonia Arjonilla López (coordinator)
  • Esther Ramiro Ramiro
  • Julio Contreras Martín
  • Gema Medrano

Cardiac radiology

  • Ángeles Franco López (coordinator)
  • Antonia Arjonilla López
  • Marta Tomás Mallebrera

Pediatric radiology

  • Maria Mollinelli (consultant)


  • Begoña López-Botet
  • Beatriz Sobrino

Technological resources

We have general technological resources, such as 5 conventional X-ray rooms, a room for automatic chest X-ray, and 5 ultrasound rooms.

Clinical records, radiology information system (RIS), and a medical picture archiving system (PACS).

Archiving system for cases of interest.

Advanced technology:

- Room for vascular imaging and C-arm fluoroscopy for interventional procedures.

- Siemens flash CT scanner (128-channel, dual-source) and Philips Brilliance 64-channel scanner.

- Intera 1.5T MRI, Achieva 1.5 MRI (both by Philips) and a Verio 3T MRI by Siemens with advanced software for neuroradiology and cardiac scanning.

- Mammogram with digital tomosynthesis synthesized with conventional mammography.


The radiology department is located on the ground floor of the hospital and has a total floor space of approximately 485 square meters. The department can be reached either through the Plaza de Cristo Rey entrance of the Reyes Católicos entrance.

A centralized secretary station handles all incoming patients. Most of the radiology machines are located off a central hallway or nearby spaces.

The CT scanners are located near the emergency department, where there is a conventional X-ray machine.