The IIS—FJD, UAM's goal is to promote excellence in research, scientific and technological knowledge, and in-hospital teaching and training, helping to establish synergies and carry out integrated scientific study that brings together many top-level biomedical investigators by overcoming the traditional barriers.

The Institute's modern mindset and independent legal personality have given rise to a unique opportunity driven by high degrees of interdisciplinarity and a readiness to apply the tenets of translational medicine. Also, the recruitment of emerging researchers ensures the long-term future of the Institute.

The main objectives of the IIS—FJD, UAM are as follows:

  • to promote quality biomedical research
  • to provide scientific, administrative, and financial management for biomedical investigation
  • to procure grants and other financial assistance for research projects, staff, and infrastructure
  • to establish partnerships with universities, public or private institutions, and enterprises
  • to increase the institution’s national and international prestige
  • to transmit scientific progress and transfer the results of scientific work to increase societal awareness of research
  • to support professional training for all research staff—researchers, clinicians, and support staff



To develop an environment for scientific management and translational research that strives to solve problems affecting the national health system and to improve citizens' quality of life. The Institute seeks to deliver measurable quality and excellence, allowing it to become a point of reference both nationally and internationally.

Transmit the knowledge acquired through research so as to properly train students of biomedicine at the undergraduate, graduate, and specialist stages, doing so in coordination with the university and with the relevant educational authorities.


To gain recognition from the various stakeholders (researchers, teaching staff, patients, clients, employees, and greater society) as a point of reference—an organization of excellence whose flexibility makes it a leader in quality services, in scientific output, in effective and efficient use of resources, and in the development of advanced management systems.


Our values reflect the ethical grounding and the guiding principle for the Institute's development:

  • Human values
  • Patient-orientedness
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Professionals
  • Knowledge
  • Innovation


The IIS—FJD, UAM has grown over recent years, propelled by the political will and management agenda of the different institutions that form part of the institution, thus turning the IIS—FJD, UAM into a center for biomedical excellence. Efforts to further this commitment will be made along different lines:

  • Adapt the available spaces of the Institute and increase equipment in order to expand scientific activity
  • Create programs to increase knowledge development and transfer
  • Promote clinical research
  • Expand scientific, technical, and support services
  • Transfer scientific knowledge to enterprise and foster its clinical application
  • Make the Institute into an attractive setting for enterprises in the biomedical and biotechnology fields.