Head: Fernando Vivanco Martínez

The IIS-FJD features nano/capillary/micro workflows (1200 Series) for integrated proteomic and metabolomic analyses. In particular, the unit is equipped with the instruments necessary to carry out unidimensional and multidimensional liquid chromatography—micro, nano, or capillary—in complex biological samples of peptides, proteins, and/or metabolites. The module-based system has an automatic injector that allows for robotic sample analysis with multidimensional chromatography and online mass spectrometry using a triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (TQMS) with a Chip Cube interface. TQMS systems are designed for targeted analysis using selected reaction monitoring (SRM), allowing for quantitative differential analysis of proteins or metabolites of interest.


1200 Series HPLC system with a binary pump, autosampler thermostat, DAD, and microreader/spotter

Capillary LC with binary pump and autosampler thermostat

Nano-LC with binary pump and Chip Cube interface

6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS


4th floor (Infectious, inflammatory, and chronic diseases)