This area serves the IIS-FJD exclusively, working independently of the hospital's clinical activity.

Role and objectives:

The Research Management Area of the IIS-FJD provides the Institute with administrative support; its tasks include advisory services, communication, management, follow-up, and reporting.

The Area acts as a liaison between the various funding bodies and the researchers (doctors, other staff, and fellows of the IIS-FJD).

The Area also provides technical and administrative support for the Research Committee and the Clinical Research Ethics Committee.

The Research Management and Administration Area is currently made up of the following:

-Coordinator for Research Management:

  • Alberto Montero Manso

-Administrative staff:

  • María Jesús Alonso Martín
  • Yolanda Calvo Yelmo
  • Diego Corroto Benito
  • Jesús García Blas
  • Yolanda Garrido Juan
  • Ana Isabel Lopesino Badorrey
  • Nieves Martínez García

-Other staff:

  • Legal advisory
  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • Suppliers
  • Accounting
  • Collections
  • Staff relations


The Research Management Area is located in C/ Isaac Peral, 42 Oficinas, 2ª planta. Oficina 1. 28015 Madrid