• Federico Rojo Todo
  • Juan Madoz Gúrpide

Research Staff

  • Cristina Chamizo García
  • Paula González Alonso
  • Ester Martín Aparicio
  • Sandra Zazo Hernández
  • Alicia Cazorla Jiménez
  • María Jesús Fernández Aceñero
  • Rebeca Manso Alonso
  • Luis Requena Caballero
  • María Socorro Rodríguez Pinilla
  • Carlos Santonja Garriga

Main lines of research

Biomarkers in Cancer Group

The Biomarkers in Cancer group of the IIS-FJD focuses on basic and translational research, and is led by Dr. Federico Rojo. The group consists of a multidisciplinary team, coordinated by Dr. Juan Madoz, formed by various professional and contract staff including pathologists, molecular biologists, laboratory technicians, and PhD students.

Our group carries out its research objectives through its own research projects, intra- and inter-institutional collaborations, participation in international initiatives, studies carried out in conjunction with other groups and businesses, and educational activities.

One of the key research areas of the group is breast cancer, specifically the identification and validation of new predictive biomarkers associated with drug response and the search for mechanisms underlying treatment resistance. The aim is to improve the treatment of breast cancer through preclinical research using in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo models, and by studying biomarkers of treatment response and the pharmacodynamics of treatment, particularly in targeted therapies. The group also maintains lines of translational research and collaborations focusing on other tumor types, including melanoma and tumors of the colon, head and neck, and lung.

The initial research of the Biomarkers in Cancer group is conducted using physiological platforms and models, including our extensive collection of breast tumor cell lines, in vivo models, ex vivo cell models, collections of primary tumors with clinical follow-up, and pluripotent cell systems. In general, the hypotheses generated in in vitro models are subsequently studied in murine models, and finally, using an approach unique to our group, validated in clinical samples. These samples are stored in the biobank of the FJD, the management of which is overseen by our group. This variety of platforms provides a unique opportunity for target validation and the monitoring of prognostic and predictive markers, and for the discovery of genes involved in the molecular processes underlying the treatment response.

Currently, the Biomarkers in Cancer group is primarily involved in a project to identify new mechanisms of resistance to breast cancer treatment with anti-HER2 therapeutic antibodies. This study is being conducted in collaboration with 2 other Spanish groups. We have several other ongoing collaborations with other IIS-FJD groups, national and foreign centers (within the framework of European projects), and enterprises, and as part of national initiatives for the study of specific pathologies (GEICAM).

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Projects and Contracts (2013)

1. "Contrato de servicios entre la empresa ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS S.L. y la FUNDACIÓN JIMÉNEZ DÍAZ-UTE" Investigador Principal Dr. F. Manzarbeitia Arambarri.

Financiación privada 5129/003.

2. "Identificación de mecanismos de resistencia a nuevos anticuerpos ANTI-HER2en cáncer de mama" Investigador Principal Dr. F. G. Rojo Todo.

Proyecto competitivo PI12/01552.

3. "RETICS de Biobancos"Investigador Principal Dr. F. G. Rojo Todo.

Proyecto competitivo RD09/0076/00101.

4. "Transcriptoma, proteoma e interactoma en el tejido epitelial y estromal del colon humano y sus alteraciones patológicas" Investigador Principal Dr. F. G. Rojo Todo.

Proyecto competitivo S2010/BMD-2344 COLOMICS2.

5. "Identificación proteómica de MKP-1 en el cáncer de mama de fenotipo basal (triple negativo): empleo como marcador predictivo de quimiorresistencia y potencial diana terapéutica" Investigador Principal Dr. F. G. Rojo Todo.

Financiación privada 9757/002.

6. "Contrato marco de prestación de servicios GEICAM y IIS-FJD" Investigador Principal Dr. F. G. Rojo Todo. Financiación privada 9757/003.

Clinical trials and Observational studies (2013)

1. Observational studies "Estudio epidemiológico observacional para evaluar la retención en el tratamiento de los pacientes con psoriasis de moderada a grave en la práctica clínica". Ref. 4382/003.

Investigadora Principal: Mª del Carmen Fariña Sabaris.

2. Observational studies "Impacto pronóstico de las mutaciones de baja prevalencia de KRAS y BRAF en cáncer colorrectal metastásico". Ref. EO 41/2011

Investigador Principal Dr. Federico Gustavo Rojo Todo.