Role and objectives

The Fundación Jiménez Díaz Biobank is a not-for-profit service that adds great value by receiving, conserving, and managing biological samples and associated databases. Upholding standards of quality, the service works to further knowledge of diseases and their prevention and treatment while supporting top-notch biomedical research.

The Biobank is not set up to be a service as such, but rather as an interdisciplinary structure within the institution, bringing together collections of human samples gathered by the different care departments and research groups.


  • Scientific Director: Dr. F. Rojo
  • Archive oversight: S. Zazo
  • Technician: C. Chamizo
  • Associated groups and their respective coordinators:
    • Histopathology: Dr. F. Manzarbeitia
    • Nephrology, vascular disease and hypertension: Dr. Egido
    • Immunology: Dr. del Pozo and Dr. Cárdaba
    • Cardiology: Dr. Tuñón and Dr. Blanco Colio
    • Genetics: Dr. Ayuso, F. Infantes Barbero, and Dr. Trujillo
    • Hematology: Dr. Llamas
    • Microbiology: Dr. FernándezRoblas


The Biobank does not have any staff working exclusively for it. All employees involved in the Biobank belong to other groups or services.


The Biobank has its own equipment funded entirely by subsidies for research-group networks given by the Carlos III Health Institute from 2009 to 2013. The Biobank has freezing equipment and back-up spaces as well as a laboratory where sample preparation and periodic quality controls are carried out.


The Biobank operates under a decentralized model, and thus has no physical location; sample storage is determined by each research group.

Rules for access

As determined by the Biobank coordination group, only those individuals who are authorized by their respective group coordinators may access the sample collections and databases. Collections are integrated using the Noraybanks information-management system, which is in fulfillment of the requirements of the Spanish data-protection law, the Law on biomedical research, and Royal Decree 1716/2011 on biobanks.