The primary responsibility of the Project Management Division is to support the institution's researchers as they participate in research projects and other R& initiatives. The project management team provides researchers with administrative assistance in responding to national and international calls for proposals, promoting collaboration schemes with other research groups both within the IIS-FJD and with teams from other institutions. The ultimate goal of this division is to increase participation in research projects and secure funding for these activities.

Working closely together with other divisions of the institute, the management and administration team is charged with the following:

  • Communicate and promote public- and private-sector funding opportunities among IIS-FJD staff.
  • Advise researchers on how to prepare grant applications so that they may be sent to the proper public or private body for consideration.
  • Draft annual reports for research projects; these are then sent to the Research Committee and the relevant ethics committees. Prepare the approval reports for these committees.
  • Review and submit applications to sponsoring bodies.
  • Provide advisory services on the internal procedures of the project.

Manage ongoing activities, results, and available resources. The team also drafts follow-up reports that are sent to the Office of the Scientific Director and the pertinent research groups so that they may determine potential areas for improvement.


Office of the Scientific Director of the IIS-FJD

Alberto Montero Manso, Head of Research Management


Bibian García García (IIS-FJD scientific management support)

Maria Pilar del Peso Hernández (Soporte de Gestión Científica IIS-FJD)

Helena Zamora Meca (IIS-FJD advisory, funded by a grant from the Carlos III Health Institute for institutes like the IIS-FJD)


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