• Ángel Celdrán Uriarte
  • José María De Campos Gutiérrez
  • José Julio Zapatero Gaviria
  • Ignacio Muguruza Trueba

Research staff

  • Enriqueta Bernal Sánchez
  • Mariano Díaz Miguel Maseda
  • Raquel Gutiérrez González
  • Remedios López Serrano
  • Daniel Aguirre Mollehuanca

Trainee staff

  • Pablo Fernández Gómez-Escolar
  • Sonia Rivas Fidalgo

Technical staff and assistants

  • Valentinas De La Serna Ramírez

Other Support Staff

  • Mª José Reca Ramírez

Staff Research Associates

  • Natalia Barbero Bordallo. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Isabel Bustamante De Garnica. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Enrique Campos Villamiel. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Mª Rosario Noguero Meseguer. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Javier Pardo Moreno. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos


  • Jesús Manuel Culebras Fernández. Universidad de León

Main lines of research

Tumors of the central nervous system

- Malignant brain gliomas: New treatments for malignant brain gliomas

Participation in the EF-14 trial, an international, multicenter Phase III trial of transcranial electric fields and standard chemotherapy/radiation therapy as compared with standard treatments.

- New technologies for the surgical treatment of tumors of the nervous system

Use of fluorescence guided surgery with 5-ALA in the resection of malignant gliomas and its impact on tumor prognosis.

Design of a system for digital intraoperative visualization of the extension of non-malignant tumors of the nervous system (in collaboration with the Dept. of Optics at the Universidad Politécnica, Madrid).

Familial Neuro-Oncology:

- Von Hippel-Lindau disease

Clinical expression and genetic correlation.

Anatomical features that affect surgical therapy.

Expression of HIF and angiogenic factors in cultured hemangioblastomas as potential therapeutic targets, and clinical and histopathological correlations

Clinical and image tracking of endolymphatic sac tumor (with participation in an international multicenter study led by Dr. ML Bisgaard, Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen).

Clinical tracking and genetic correlations of pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas (in collaboration with Dr. M. Robledo, Endocrine Pathology Laboratory, CNIO)

- Neurofibromatosis

Clinical expression of neurofibromatosis type 1, neurofibromatosis type 2, and schwannomatosis, with a particular focus on the epidemiology of tumors of the central nervous system.

Pathologies associated with the NF2 gene (in collaboration with Dr. J.A. Rey, Neuro-oncogenics Laboratory of the Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research), as members of a research team participating in successive FIS projects.

- Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Clinical expression, prevalence of disease manifestations, implementation of existing protocols for monitoring and studying the disease.

* Principal Investigators: José María de Campos Gutiérrez

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Projects (2013)

1. "Pared abdominal donación" Investigador Principal Dr. Ángel Celdrán Uriarte.

Financiación privada. Ref. 30270/008.

2. "Donación" Investigador Principal Dr. Ángel Celdrán Uriarte.

Financiación privada. Ref. 30270/009.

Clinical trials (2013)

1. Clinical trial: "Ensayo prospectivo multicéntrico de NOVOTTF-100ª en combinación con TEMOZOLOMIDA comparado con TEMOZOLOMIDA en monoterapia en pacientes con GBM de reciente diagnóstico". (NºEUDRACT: NA Clinical trial Fase III Multicéntrico Internacional). Investigador Principal: J. M de Campos Gutiérrez.