• Nicolás González Mangado (Head of Service, Head of Group CIBERES / Assistant Professor, UAM)
  • Germán Peces Barba Romero (Assistant Professor, UAM)
  • Luis Seijo Maceiras

Research staff

  • Javier Flandes Aldeyturriaga
  • Teresa Gómez García
  • Sarah Beatriz Heili Frades
  • Rosario Melchor Íñiguez
  • Mª Jesús Rodríguez Nieto
  • Mª Fernanda Troncoso Acevedo
  • Felipe Villar Álvarez
  • Sandra Pérez Rial

Trainee staff

  • Sara Robles Mateo

Technical staff and assistants

  • José Fernández Arias

Staff research associates

  • Teresa Presa (Radiology)
  • Sara Antúnez (Thoraric surgery)
  • Francisco Roig (Pulmonology, Hospital Infanta Elena)

Main lines of research

Sleep apnea

There is growing evidence indicating that sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (SAHS) may be a risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Systemic mechanisms, such as intermittent hypoxia and oxidative stress, play an important intermediary role in these cardiovascular outcomes and may be candidate biological markers of the disease. Some of these pathophysiologic pathways also appear to be strongly involved in the pathogenesis of other diseases, such as cancer.

While SAHS is a very common disease in both men and women, certain population groups (e.g. women) can present with a form of airway obstruction with different symptoms but similar cardiovascular consequences; this condition has not been fully studied, and evidence of the effectiveness of CPAP treatment is lacking.

The lines of research are related to these areas, and include participation in a project focusing on the metabolomic analysis of blood samples, international projects studying the relationship between heart failure and sleep apnea, and national projects investigating the link between SAHS and melanoma in women.

* Principal Investigator: Nicolás González Mangado

Lung cancer

Lung cancer causes more deaths than any other type of malignant tumor, mainly because the vast majority (over 80%) of patients with this disease are diagnosed in advanced stages. In the past 15 years several international clinical trials have shown that computed tomography (CT) scanning using low doses of radiation can detect lung cancer in its early stages. These cancers are curable in a very high percentage of individuals (about 90%). It has been demonstrated that annual screening using this imaging technique can reduce mortality due to lung cancer by at least 20%.

Fundación Jiménez Díaz has implemented an early detection screening program, the main objective of which is to diagnose lung cancer in high-risk patients, especially those with impaired lung function or emphysema.

The lines of research associated with this initiative are part of the CIBER respiratory diseases program, and form part of its strategic plan for lung cancer. The aims are to study 1) the risk of each individual based on exposure to tobacco smoke and personal and family history; 2) the influence of associated diseases, especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema, on the risk of developing lung cancer and its prognosis; and 3) genetic and molecular factors that determine the risk profile of each individual.

* Principal Investigator: Luis Seijo Maceiras


The COPD line of research is oriented towards the study of the pathogenesis of this disease using animal models, and includes the study of susceptibility to developing lung damage and its progression to established COPD. Goals include the identification of key biomarkers of the development or progression of the disease and their translation to clinical settings. This research has been undertaken in 2 cohorts of patients, one with recent COPD onset and another with severe, late-stage COPD. Our group also experiments with new therapeutic targets based on the use of growth factors in experimental models of the disease and endoscopic implantation of coils and valves for the treatment of emphysema.

* Principal Investigator: Germán Peces-Barba

Publications (2014)

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Projects (2013)

1. "Grupo de investigación CIBER de Enfermedades Respiratorias". Investigador Principal: N. González Mangado. Proyecto Público Competitivo CIBERES.

2. PI13/01909 "Identificación de marcadores de actividad desde el inicio de la EPOC en modelos experimentales y evaluación terapéutica con el factor de crecimiento LGF". Investigador Principal: G. Peces-Barba. Acción Estratégica en Salud 2013-2016.

3. NANOCOPD "Bioorthogonal nanoparticles for COPD theranostics". Investigador Principal: G. Peces-Barba. Proyectos colaborativos multidisciplinares CIBERBBN-SEPAR-CIBERES en patologías respiratorias.

4. SEPAR#139 "Role of the liver growth factor (LGF) like regenerative experimental lung emphysema". Investigador Principal: S. Pérez-Rial. Ayudas a la Investigación SEPAR (Sociedad Española de Neumología y Cirugía Torácica).

5. NMD2012 "Identificación de nuevos mecanismos patogénicos, desencadenados mediante la activación de la arginasa en pacientes con EPOC en fase estable, exacerbada y en asociación con bronquiectasias". Investigador Principal: F. Villar-Álvarez. Sociedad Madrileña de Neumología (NEUMOMADRID).

Clinical trials and Observational studies (2013)

1. Clinical trial "Estudio del AERISEAL SYSTEM para la reducción de la hiperinflación en el enfisema (ASPIRE)". (NºEUDRACT: NA. Clinical trial Fase NA). Investigador Principal: J. Flandes Aldeyturriaga.

2. Clinical trial "Estudio multicéntrico aleatorio para evaluar los efectos de ventilación servo-adaptativa (ASV) sobre la supervivencia y frecuencia de ingresos hospitalarios cardiovasculares (CV) en pacientes con fallo cardíaco (CV) y apnea del sueño (SA)- ADVENT-HF" (NºEUDRACT: NA. Clinical trial Fase NA, Multicéntrico Internacional). Investigador Principal: N. González Mangado.

3. Clinical trial "Estudio clínico aleatorizado, doble ciego, controlado con placebo, para evaluar el efecto sobre la función endotelial de ROFLUMILAST en pacientes con enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica"-REVASC (NºEUDRACT: 2011-005047-27. Clinical trial Fase IV, Multicéntrico). Investigador Principal: G. Peces Barba Romero.

4. Clinical trial "Estudio aleatorizado, doble ciego, con doble simulación y grupos paralelos, comparativo de Fluticasona propionato/formoterol fumarato (FLUTIFORM) 250/10 UG (2 inhalaciones dos veces al día) frente a Formoterol fumarato dihidrato (ATIMOS) 12 UG (1 inhalación dos veces al día) en sujetos con enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica (EPOC)". (NºEUDRACT: 2012-004162-17. Clinical trial Fase III, Multicéntrico Internacional). Investigador Principal: F.J. Roig Vázquez.

5. Observational studies "Caracterización de los pacientes con enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica a lo largo de 24 horas (Estudio Assess)". TRIAL FORM SUPPORT, S.L. Ref. 11643/002. Investigador Principal: J. Gómez Seco.

6. Observational studies "Caracterización fenotípica de la población EPOC en España: clasificación de fenotipos clínicos de la EPOC y evaluación del diagnóstico y tratamiento en práctica habitual (Estudio FENEPOC)". TRIAL FORM SUPPORT, S.L. Ref. 4769/001. Investigador Principal: G. Peces-Barba Romero.

7. Observational studies "Estudio Sobre la Evolución Multidimensional de la Enfermedad Pulmonar Obstructiva Crónica (Estudio CHAIN)". Investigador Principal: G. Peces-Barba Romero.