• Orencio Bosch Esteva
  • Carlos Cenjor Español (Associate Professor, UAM)
  • Ángeles Franco López
  • Damián García Olmo (Professor, UAM)
  • Ignacio Jiménez-Alfaro Morote
  • Juan Carlos Porres Cubero (Professor, UAM)
  • Margarita Varela Morales

Professional investigator

  • Nicolás Alejandre Alba
  • Mayte Ariño Gutiérrez
  • María Benavides Gabernet
  • Raúl Cortez Castillo
  • Sonia Durán Poveda
  • Alberto Encinas Vicente
  • Mariano García Arranz
  • Raquel García Castellanos
  • Blanca García Sandoval
  • Ana González Bueno
  • Agustina González Guirado
  • Héctor Guadalajara Labajo
  • María Dolores Herreros Marcos
  • Isabel López Molina
  • Mª Jesús Martín Relloso
  • Óscar Martínez Pérez
  • Cristina Ordóñez González
  • Antonio Pérez Higueras
  • Benjamín Pérez Villacastín
  • Francisco Javier Plaza Arranz
  • Benjamín Polo Lorduy
  • Jorge Polo Sabau
  • Guillermo Fernández Sanz
  • Carmen Rodríguez-Bermejo Guijo
  • Jaime Sanabria Brassat
  • Paloma Sánchez-Fayos Calabuig
  • Ignacio Tapias Elías
  • Marta Tomás Mallebrera
  • José Miguel Villacampa Auba
  • Pablo García-Camba Varela
  • Marta Agreda Chinea
  • Daniel Calero Baron
  • Rocío Calvo Hernández
  • Irune Cariñanos Prado
  • Sergio Farrais Villalba
  • Cristina Hoyuela Vigil
  • Manuel Vicente Milán Pilo
  • Marta Moran Ortiz de Solorzano
  • Jorge Antonio Núñez Otero
  • Mª José Romero Valle
  • Andrés L; Varela Silva
  • Paula Maria Vázquez de Parga Coca
  • Susana Olmedillas López
  • Carlos Pastor Idoate

Trainee staff

  • Jessica Santillán

Technical Staff

  • Mª Luz Vega Clemente

Other Support Staff

  • Ángeles Heredero Jung
  • Gloria Ortiz Miluy
  • Verónica Pérez Abadía

Staff Research Associates

  • Mª Esther Arranz Márquez. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Iván Carabaño Guado. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Manuel Durán Poveda. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Luis Ricardo Gotuzzo Altez. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • José Granel Navarro. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Raimundo Gutiérrez Fonseca. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • María Antonia Huertas Velasco. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Elena Jarrin Hernández. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Santos Francisco Jiménez de los Galanes Marchán. Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena
  • Ana María Martín Casado. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Teresa Millas Gómez. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Guillermo Payeras Llodrá. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Lorena Pingarrón Martín. Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos
  • Francisco Álvaro Cogolludo Perez
  • Álvaro Sanchez-Barrueco
  • Francisco Guerra Blanco, belong to Otolaryngology Service and implicated in clinical trials

Main lines of research

Adult stem cell research:

Mariano GarcíaMariano GarcíaThis line of research focuses on addressing clinical conditions that do not respond adequately to treatment through the generation of experimental models and subsequent treatment by cell therapy. Ongoing research includes the generation of abdominal aortic aneurysms in a porcine model and stabilization of the aneurysm sac using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Another important objective of this research is to improve the systems used to isolate stem cells of different origins, study their characterization, differentiation, and combination with various biomaterials, and to perform toxicity studies and improve the storage and transport of stem cells. Finally, a third line of research focuses on biosafety studies and MSCs, with a particular focus on cell behavior in tumor environments.

* Principal Investigator: Mariano García

Treatment of patients with stem cells

This line of research seeks to translate to clinical settings the results seen in studies of stem cells in experimental models and clinical trials and after their administration for compassionate use. One example of this line of research, led by the IIS-FJD, is the Phase III clinical trial for the treatment of complex perianal fistula using mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue.


Damián García OlmoDamián García OlmoGenometastasis was first described in 2001 by Professor García Olmo and can be broadly defined as the transfer of tumoral DNA through the plasma/serum, promoting the formation of tumors and the development of metastasis. This line of research includes an ongoing FIS project entitled "High-capacity sequencing of exomes of free DNA in the plasma of patients with colorectal cancer ("liquid biopsy") and their role in the metastatic process". This involves the application of sequencing technology at the genomic scale to freely circulating DNA in plasma (liquid biopsy) in order to identify markers that may predict the development of metastasis in colorectal cancer.

This line of work attempts to elucidate the mechanisms underlying colorectal cancer and its evolution through simple, minimally invasive blood tests, which could be of significant prognostic value and have important implications for personalized medicine.

In parallel we are conducting studies to establish a relationship of prognostic value between intestinal microbiota and colorectal cancer by analyzing bacterial DNA and investigating the possible transforming ability of fecal DNA.

* Principal Investigator: Damián García Olmo

Line of research regarding Ophtalmology

Jiménez AlfaroJiménez AlfaroDr. Jiménez-Alfaro has collaborated with the Daza de Valdes Institute of Optics at the CSIC since 2000 as part of the research group led by Dr. Susana Marcos. The main lines of research lines of the group are the study of the optical quality of the visual system after surgical procedures of the cornea and crystalline lens, with a particular focus on optical aberrations of intraocular lenses and the development of new techniques to study these aberrations. More recent work has focused on the study of accommodation and presbyopia.

Dr. Jiménez-Alfaro is the PI and Dr. Alejandre Alba is the head scientist for European project ERC-2011-AdG-294099, entitled "Bio-inspired optical correction of presbyopia" (PRESBYOPIA), which seeks to better understand the mechanism of accommodation in humans and in certain animals, to develop new techniques to study accommodation in vivo and in vitro, and to propose new solutions to correct presbyopia based on the findings obtained. We are also participating in 2 other joint research projects, one focused on the study of accommodative intraocular lenses (Dr. Durán Poveda) and another dedicated to the study of keratoconus and intracorneal ring implantation (Dr. Alejandre Alba).

* Principal Investigator: Ignacio Jiménez-Alfaro

Line of research regarding retinal diseases

Dr. Garcia Sandoval has been working for the past 10-15 years with the Department of Genetics studying inherited degenerative retinopathy. Dr. Tapias Elíes and Dr. López Molina are also involved in this line of research. Dr. Ariño Gutierrez is conducting a study of corneal dystrophies, also in collaboration with the Department of Genetics.

* Principal Investigator: Blanca García Sandoval and Mayte Ariño Gutiérrez

Line of research

Dr. Fernandéz Sanz, who is currently completing his training abroad, focuses his research on the study of age-associated macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and intraocular inflammation.

* Principal Investigator: Guillermo Fernández Sanz

Line of research

Dr. Rodríguez-Bermejo Guijo conducts studies on different surgical techniques and drainage devices used in the treatment of glaucoma.

* Principal Investigator: Carmen Rodríguez-Bermejo Guijo

Use of microscrews in orthodontic anchorage

Margarita García y Pablo VarelaMargarita García y Pablo Varela

The introduction of microscrews as a method of skeletal anchorage in orthodontics has heralded a paradigm shift in our specialty, expanding the available options for the management of malocclusions and facial deformities. However, many of the possible applications of this new technology, which is undergoing continuous development, remain to be discovered. Dr. García-Camba was invited as a visiting orthodontist by Prof. Kyung, South Korea, one of the foremost experts in the use of skeletal anchorage techniques in both research and clinical settings

* Principal Investigator: Pablo García-Camba

Orthodontic traction of included teeth

Severe tooth eruption disturbances constitute a diverse range of complex conditions that require interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment involving radiologists, maxillofacial surgeons, and dentists/stomatologists. The genetic relationship between eruptive disorders and tooth agenesis and its association with various syndromes is a particularly interesting field of research. The first doctoral thesis on maxillary canines was published by our service in 1996. Putative genetic associations between tooth agenesis and eruptive deviation of the second premolar is the research focus of one of our ongoing projects, and the subject of a doctoral thesis.

* Principal Investigator: Margarita Varela Morales and Pablo García-Camba

Relationship between dental trauma and maxillofacial skeletal structure

Given the high prevalence of dental trauma in children and adolescents, prevention is a priority within our specialty. It is therefore essential to define the risk factors, which include sagittal skeletal characteristics.

* Principal Investigator: Margarita Varela Morales

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Projects and Courses (2013)

1. "Evaluación de la receptividad endometrial por medio de estudio in vitro de biomarcadores tisulares en pacientes tratadas con fecundación in vitro. Estudio de cohortes prospectivo de evaluación de prueba diagnóstica". Investigadora Principal Dra. M.C Hernández Rodríguez.
Financiación privada 6759/001.
2. "Bio-inspired optical correction of Presbyopia (PRESBYOPIA)". Investigador Principal Dr. I. Fenández-Alfaro Morote.
Proyecto Público competitivo PIC 49/2011 PRESBYOPIA.

3. "Proyecto cornea". Investigador Principal Dr. I. Fenández-Alfaro Morote.
Financiación privada 4269/002.

4. "Curso de Cirugía de implante coclear y disección en hueso temporal" Investigador Principal Dr. C. J. Cenjor Español.
Financiación privada 4021/004.

5. "I Curso de disección anatomoquirúrgica de hueso temporal (nivel básico)" Investigador Principal Dr. C. J. Cenjor Español.
Financiación privada 4021/001.

6. "Curso de disección anatomoquirúrgica de senos paranasales (nivel básico)" Investigador Principal Dr. C. J. Cenjor Español.
Financiación privada 4021/002.

7. "Cursos teóricos y prácticos de utilización de material para tratamiento neuroendovascular". Investigador Principal Dr. A. Pérez Higueras.
Financiación privada 4254/006.

8. "Cursos teóricos y prácticos de utilización de material de embolización". Investigador Principal Dr. A. Pérez Higueras.
Financiación privada 4254/005 y 4254/007.

9. "Entrenamiento en el manejo de material de neurorradiología intervencionista". Investigador Principal Dr. A. Pérez Higueras.
Financiación privada 4254/008.

10. "Redes de Investigación Cooperativa en Salud (RETICS) para los años 2013, 2014, 2015 y 2016". Investigador principal: Prof. D. García Olmo.
Proyecto Público competitivo RD12/0019/0035.

11. "Tratamiento de los aneurismas de aorta abdominal mediante células madre mesenquimales derivadas del tejido adiposo en un modelo porcino". Investigador principal: Dr. M. García Arranz.
Proyecto Público competitivo PI11/00116.

12. "Sequencing of exomes in plasma of colorectal cancer patients ("liquid biopsy"). Relationship with metastasis development". Investigador principal: Prof. D. García Olmo.
Proyecto Público competitivo FISS 2013.

13. "A new generation of cells more safety and efficacy " nvestigador principal: Prof. D. García Olmo.
Proyecto Público competitivo P2010/BMD-2420.

Clinical trials and Observational studies (2013)

1. Clinical trial: "Ensayo Fase IIIb, aleatorizado, doble ciego, de grupos paralelos, multicéntrico, para comparar el riesgo de muerte cardiovascular, infarto de miocardio e ictus isquémico en pacientes con enfermedad arterial periférica establecida, tratados con Ticagrelor" (NºEUDRACT: 2011-004616-36 Clinical trial Fase IIIb Multicéntrico Internacional). Investigador Principal: A.B. Arribas Díaz.

2. Clinical trial: "Implantes cocleares nucleus ® para pacientes con acúfenos graves e hipoacusia asimétrica" Investigador Principal: C.J. Cenjor Español.

3. Clinical trial: "Estudio aleatorizado, doble ciego, fase II, controlado con placebo, con dos brazos para evaluar la eficacia y seguridad de DUPILUMAB en pacientes con poliposis nasal bilateral y síntomas crónicos de sinusitis" (NºEUDRACT2013-001803-35 Clinical trial Fase II Multicéntrico Internacional). Investigador Principal: C.J. Cenjor Español.

4. Clinical trial: "Estudio para evaluar la seguridad e inmunogenicidad de la vacuna Herpes Zoster GSK1437173A de GSK BILOGICALS en adultos de 18 años de edad y mayores con neoplasias hematológicas" (NºEUDRACT 2012-003438-18 Clinical trial Fase III Multicéntrico Internacional). Investigador Principal: T. del Campo Balsa.

5. Clinical trial: "Comparación de LATANOPROST 50 g/ml colirio vs XALATAN colirio en el tratamiento de Glaucoma de ángulo abierto: Un estudio clínico abierto, randomizado" (NºEUDRACT 2011-002601-30 Clinical trial Fase III). Investigador Principal: J. Herrera Pereiro.

6. Clinical trial: "Ensayo piloto para evaluar la seguridad y el efecto de SYL1001 en pacientes con dolor ocular" (NºEUDRACT 2012-001177-93 Clinical trial Fase II Multicéntrico). Investigador Principal: I. Jiménez-Alfaro Morote.

7. Clinical trial: "Disfunción de las glándulas de meibomio y uso de ácidos grasos omega 3 como adyuvantes en el tratamiento: Clinical trial doble ciego y aleatorizado" (NºEUDRACT 2011-005310-11 Clinical trial Fase IV). Investigadora Principal: A.R Oleñik Memmell

8. Clinical trial: "Prevención de parto pretérmino en mujeres de riesgo identificadas por ecografía: evaluación de dos estrategias terapéuticas" (NºEUDRACT 2012-000241-13 Clinical trial Fase IV). Investigadora Principal: E. Carbajo Pérez.

9. Clinical trial " Ensayo multicéntrico, aleatorizado, comparativo y Add-on, en dos grupos paralelos para evaluar la eficacia y seguridad de las células troncales mesenquimales autólogas derivadas de tejido adiposo expandidas (ASC), para el tratamiento de la patología fistulosa perianal compleja en pacientes sin enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal" (NºEUDRACT: 2012-001178-28 Multicéntrico). Investigador Principal: D. García Olmo.

10. Clinical trial "Ensayo en Fase IIa para conocer la factibilidad y seguridad del uso de la fracción vasculo estromal del tejido adiposo para el tratamiento local de fístulas enterocutáneas asociadas a la enfermedad de Crohn". (NºEUDRACT: 2010-024308-82).
Investigador Principal: M. García Arranz

11. Clinical trial "Ensayo en fase I-II para conocer la factibilidad y seguridad del uso de la fracción vasculo estromal del tejido adiposo para el tratamiento local de fístulas recto-vaginales de Crohn" (NºEUDRACT: 2010-024330-35). Investigadora Principal: Mª Dolores Herreros Marcos.

12. Clinical trial en Fase IIa para el tratamiento de la fistula perianal extremadamente compleja y resistente al tratamiento convencional, con células madre autólogas obtenidas de lipoaspirado" (NºEUDRACT: 2010-024329-19. Clinical trial Fase IIIa). Investigador Principal: D. García Olmo.

13. Clinical trial "Estudio Fase III, multicéntrico, aleatorizado, doble ciego, de grupos paralelos y controlado con placebo para evaluar la eficacia y la seguridad de células madre alogénicas expandidas derivadas del tejido adiposo (eASC) para el tratamiento de la enfermedad de Crohn fistulizante perianal tras un periodo de 24 semanas y un periodo de seguimiento extendido hasta las 52 semanas. Estudio ADMIRE-CD". (NºEUDRACT: 2011-006064-43. Clinical trial Fase III. Multicéntrico). Investigador principal: C. Pastor Idoate.

14. Observational studies "Implantes cocleares en hipoacusias asimétricas CEL5312" Ref. 4021/003.
Investigador Principal: C.J. Cenjor Español.

15. Observational studies "Estudio epidemiológico, prospectivo, para evaluar el valor diagnóstico del inmunofenotipo por citometría de flujo en la carcinomatosis de células epiteliales" Ref. 14257/001.
Investigadora Principal: R. García Castellano.

16. Observational studies "Observational studies postautorización, prospectivo para desarrollar y validar una herramienta pronóstica que permita optimizar las terapias en pacientes con hepatitis crónica C genotipo 1 y 4" Ref. 4567/002.
Investigadora Principal: A. González Guirado.

17. Observational studies "Observational studies retrospectivo para evaluar la eficacia y seguridad a largo plazo de la monoterapia con ENTECAVIR en la práctica clínica habitual en pacientes con hepatitis crónica B navie al tratamiento con análogos de nucleótidos. Estudio ORI" Ref. 4567/003.
Investigadora Principal: A. González Guirado.

18. Observational studies "Observational studies postautorización de seguridad (EPAs) con VICTRELISTM, (BOCEPREVIR) en pacientes con hepatitis C crónica" Ref. 4567/004.
Investigadora Principal: A. González Guirado.

19. Observational studies "Estudio EMERG-AF (EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT STROKE PROPHULAXIS AND GUIDELINES IMPLEMENTATION IN ATRIAL FIBRILLATION): implementación de las guías de fibrilación auricular y profilaxis de ictus de los servicios de urgencia" Ref. EO 69/2012.
Investigadora Principal: B. Rodríguez Miranda