Fundación Conchita RábagoFundación Conchita RábagoFundación Conchita Rábago This link opens in a popup windowwas founded in 1969 to preserve the memory and work of Professor Jiménez Díaz through biomedical research, lending its support to Fundación Jiménez Díaz (FJD) in all its initiatives in this field.

Fundación Conchita RábagoThis link opens in a popup window (FCR) was established after the death of Professor Carlos Jiménez Díaz. His widow, Conchita Rábago, decided to set up the Foundation on the advice of her nephews, Doctors Gregorio de Rábago, Pedro de Rábago, and Mariano Jiménez Casado, Heads of the Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology, and Internal Medicine Departments of the FJD, respectively.

Under the guidance of Mariano Jiménez Díaz, along with Professors Severo Ochoa, Alberto Sols and Santiago Grisolía, it was decided to organise the prestigious annual Jiménez Díaz Memorial Lecture, featuring renowned speakers with exceptional scientific expertise. It was also agreed that a Symposium would be held at the same time.

Professor Jiménez Díaz’s main concern was to promote research and encourage training for his disciples and collaborators, whom he sent to leading hospitals in other countries. That is why Fundación Conchita Rábago decided to offer annual scholarships and grants to doctors and researchers at Clínica de la Concepción.

Fundación Conchita Rábago This link opens in a popup windowhas been operational for 37 years, during which time it has awarded over 1000 scholarships and organised the annual Jiménez Díaz Memorial Lecture and associated Symposium.