The FJD provides healthcare services for patients insured in a range of health companies, whether for managed care or fee-for-service insurance policies. The scope of health coverage will depend on the patient’s insurance policy conditions. The hospital can only offer services that have been authorised by the patient’s insurance company in accordance with their policy.

The FJD provides services to mutual insurance companies for occupational accidents and diseases covered by the Social Security system (M.A.T.E.P.S.S.). In such cases, either the healthcare professionals or the case managers at the mutual insurance companies will arrange the services to be provided by the hospital and refer workers to it.

The FJD also has a range of private agreements with different companies, organisations, self-insured occupational safety employers, multiple travel assistance companies, sports accident companies, etc.

The FJD has signed up to the traffic accident assistance agreement as a private centre.

The FJD has facilities and staff dedicated exclusively to caring for private patients, on the second floor next to the entrance on Calle Dr. Jimenez Díaz, building nº 6, private care building.

The telephone number for private care is

The complete list of organisations covered by the agreement can be seen here