Stomatology or Dentistry is a health science speciality that prevents, diagnoses and treats diseases of the oral cavity, providing both aesthetic and functional solutions.

The specialities in dentistry are:

Oral Surgery: To surgically treat oral diseases and lesions.

Periodontics: Treats diseases and alterations of the gums, periodontal ligament, root cementum and alveolar bone.

Endodontics: Treats diseases of the pulp (nerves) of the teeth and their healing techniques.

Dental Implantology: To replace missing teeth using

surgically fitted special screws (called dental implants) in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

Prosthodontics or dental prosthesis: To restore destroyed or missing teeth by means of dental prostheses, either on dental implants or natural teeth.

Oral Pathology: Studies the cause, identifies and treats alterations or diseases in the oral cavity of both jaws.

Conservative Dentistry: To diagnose and treat dental disorders.

Paediatric Dentistry: Treats and diagnoses alterations of the teeth of the oral cavity in children and newborns.

Orthodontics: To prevent and correct alterations in teeth position.

Dental Sleep Unit: Unit in charge of sleep disorders and dental health.