Lines of research:

  • Clinical epidemiology and genetics of rare diseases: neurodevelopmental disorders (intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, neurosensory disorders).
  • Quality control and bioethical aspects of genetic studies.
  • New cell, gene and pharmacogenetic therapies.
  • Systems Biology.
  • Clinical Trials and Observational Studies.

Participation in training programmes:

  • Undergraduate training:
    • University School of Nursing, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Physiology subjects.
    • Rotation of year-6 students at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid School of Medicine.
    • Dissertation internships.
  • Postgraduate training:
    • Postgraduate internships at UAM.
    • Master's Degree Thesis (Dissertation).
  • Genetics Service internal training programme:
    • Specialised training (rotation of residents in Clinical Analysis, Immunology, Pharmacy, Paediatrics, etc.).
    • Weekly multidisciplinary seminars. Clinical Service Sessions. Participation in clinical sessions at HUFJD.
  • Participation in and organisation of master's degrees:
    • Master's Degree in Expertise in Bioethics (Andalusia Public Health School).
    • Master’s Degree in Molecular Biomedicine (Molecular Genetics in Rare Diseases) (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).
    • Master's Degree in Computational Biology (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).
  • Organisation of and participation in courses:
    • DNA Day specialisation course.
    • Genetics in Primary Care.
    • Evolutionary Medicine.
    • Translational Research Conference.
    • Workshops with patients.
    • Bimonthly RAREGenomics Conference (on Rare Diseases in the Community of Madrid).

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