Like all medical specialities, advances in the knowledge of hormonal, metabolic and nutritional diseases, along with the need to increase efficiency in procedures and treatments and improve collaboration with other specialities in order to provide an effective response, have led to the creation of specialist units in the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service.

These specialisation units currently include:

  • Type 1 diabetes Unit.
    • Insulin pump specialist consultation.
    • Gestational diabetes specialist consultation.
    • Type 2 diabetes unit.
    • Thyroid Pathology Unit.
      • Ultrasound specialist consultation.
      • Ultrasound-guided FNAC.
      • Thyroid cancer specialist consultation.
      • Thyroid Nodule Unit:

The Thyroid Nodule Unit under Dr Manuel Gargallo at Fundación Jiménez Díaz's Endocrinology and Nutrition Department (directed by Dr Clotilde Vázquez) offers, as part of comprehensive high-resolution assessment of thyroid nodules, the option of carrying out a molecular study.

This type of study is of key importance in nodules that are classified as "indeterminate" after a cytology (cytological categories III or IV), and which may have a risk of malignancy of up to 40%. In such cases, the molecular test (Thyroidprint®) can rule out malignancy with 95% reliability or establish a very high chance of malignancy (over 75%) that would justify an intervention.

For the patient, the technique is exactly the same as a cytology, the results take less than 21 days, and it is already being performed on a large number of patients in our hospital. Those interested in taking the test can consult the Thyroid Nodule Unit at Fundación Jiménez Díaz.

  • Complex Obesity Unit.
    • Specialist consultation.
    • Body composition analysis procedures.
    • Group sessions.
    • Surgical Obesity Unit.
      • Specialist consultation.
      • Group sessions.
      • Nutrition Unit.
        • Specialist consultation with a physician.
        • Nutritionist consultations.
        • Specialist consultation.
        • Oncohealth nutritional support.
        • Pituitary pathology specialist consultation.
        • Gender dysphoria specialist consultation.
        • Overweight and Obesity Institute (private patient care).
        • Clinical Trials Unit.