Hospitalisation unit

1. A&E:

  • Emergency Care
  • Therapeutic immobilisation.
  • Emergency pharmacological measures.
  • Keep patients under observation.
  • Registration or transfer for psychiatric admission.

2. Brief Hospitalisation Unit:

  • Hospitalisation of acute conditions (adults).
  • Therapeutic immobilisation.
  • Nursing care plan: Personal care, Group care.
  • Specific psychodiagnosis.
  • Specific psychopharmacological treatment.
  • Specific psychotherapy.
  • Specific occupational therapy.

3. Interconsultation:

  • Multidisciplinary sleep unit.
  • Psycho-oncology.
  • Psychogeriatrics.
  • Bariatric surgery programme.
  • Psychiatry and neurology programme: Functional Disorders Unit.

4. Severe Mental Disorder Unit

The Serious Mental Disorder Unit offers specialised treatment for psychotic disorders (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder and other non-affective psychoses) and bipolar disorders. It is a multidisciplinary unit for extended care, with the following goals:

  • Intensive treatment during early stages of the disease, specifically targeting the critical period to create a favourable opportunity for enhancing the progression and outcomes of the condition.
  • Specialised follow-up after the critical period, with a view to not interrupting patient follow-up or requiring a change of health professional.
  • Help prevent relapses and their sequelae.
  • Coordinate with hospital care to ensure follow-up at all stages of the disease.

The following are available for this purpose:

  • A Day Hospital for patients in the early stages of their disease and in need of intensive care.
  • Two Psychiatry consultations for continuous follow-up from the very first episode.
  • A Clinical Psychology practice that covers non-pharmacological treatments for patients.
  • Four Mental Health Nursing consultation rooms to ensure continuity of care, administering and monitoring pharmacological treatment.
  • A Social Work consultation, which covers and coordinates the psychosocial needs of patients.

It offers:

  • Specialist individualised psychopharmacological treatment according to each patient's characteristics.
  • Non-pharmacological individual and group psychoeducational, family and trauma treatment.
  • Continuity of care with health education, monitoring and administering treatments.
  • Individualised social assessment according to patients' psychosocial needs.

Mental Health Centres: (Ronda de Segovia 2 and Quintana 11.)

  • Severe Mental Disorder.
  • Adult ADHD.
  • Anxiety Disorders.
  • Child-adult continuity.
  • Liaison with other specialities.
  • Suicidal behaviour attention programme: Code 100.
  • Psychogeriatrics.

Paediatrics: C/ Quintana 11

Day Hospital. Ronda de Segovia 2

  • Adults.
  • Specific day hospitalisation unit.
  • Special treatment programmes.