Lines of Research:

  • Normal and Pathological puberty.
  • Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk.
  • Etiopathogenesis and Comorbidities in both small and large for gestational age.
  • Sleep Disorders (in collaboration with Sleep Unit).
  • Treatment for Autism spectrum disorder (in collaboration with Neurology).


Degree (UAM School of Medicine):

  • Theory and practice classes in the Paediatrics course (year 4).
  • Practical teaching as part of Clinical Rotation for year-6 students.
  • Supervision of Dissertations for year-6 students.


  • Supervision of doctoral theses.
  • Participation in the Master's Degrees at several Universities.

Ongoing training:

  • 2 weekly sessions in the Paediatrics Service (coinciding with the clinical session from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.).
  • 6 sessions per year with Primary Care.


2 accredited positions per year; rotating residents from other services in the hospital are also received: Allergology, Endocrinology and Family and Community Medicine (the latter two generally only for duty shifts).