The Patient Care Service (PCS) comprises the Information Team, the Social Work Unit, and the Patient Care Service. The Service, which lends its name to the entire department, epitomises our centre's dedication to directing efforts, goals and initiatives towards providing exceptional quality care to our patients.

Our mission is to deliver customised support to users, liaising with other professionals and services to provide information and advice on proposed topics or address any issues that might cause disconformity during the care process, while offering appropriate solutions and developing suggestions that help improve the health organisation.

Our functions include, most notably:

  • Inform and guide patients, their relatives and users, in general, about aspects of their stay in the centre. We have a team of Helpers, easily identifiable by their green jackets, in the Centre's main care areas in order to cover information, reception and accompaniment requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with the rights of patients and their relatives, as set out in legislation.
  • Attend to and process any complaint, claim and/or suggestion submitted by a user, propose solutions to problems, or pass issues on to Senior Management in order to find a speedy solution.
  • Analyse our patients' opinion and satisfaction indicators, and develop proposals for improvement.
  • Perform scheduled visits to patients.
  • Process requests for ARCO Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition).
  • Manage requests for referrals to other centres at the patient's request (both Second Opinion and Free Choice).
  • Inform and advise on the services available at the Centre, referral Health Centres, campaigns of the Regional Health Department, and administrative procedures with the Town Council or Social Services.