The IIS-FJD’s Rheumatology Laboratory has more than 25 years of experience studying the mechanisms of acute and chronic inflammation associated with different joint pathologies, including tissue damage extended to extra-articular territories such as the vascular system and adipose tissue, as well as their pharmacological regulation. We are a multidisciplinary interactive platform made up of physicians, biochemists, biotechnologists, pharmacists... all based on a common language, which allows essentially translational projects to be developed to ensure optimal care for rheumatic patients. The laboratory's research team consists of four principal investigators from the Health Research Institute (IIS)-FJD (both medical and non-medical), two post-doctoral collaborators, and 5 pre-doctoral collaborators. The research group has extensive experience in creating animal models for rheumatic pathologies, in the use of molecular and cellular biology techniques, and in handling human samples derived from patients with various joint disorders.

The group's research is funded by the National R&D&I Plan (currently five active projects), along with initiatives developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical laboratories. Over the last five years, it has published an average of 37 articles per year in international journals in the speciality, with an average impact index of 4.7 points, most of them in first quartile journals.